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5 Fast Facts about dancers Dem Bague Boyz

You might have seen teen dancing sensations Dem Bague Boyz on Little Big Shots Season 1 or SYTYCD Season 13. Or perhaps performing in music videos for major stars such as Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” or Chris Brown’s “Back to Love.”

These Bay Area brothers (Jaryan 17, Aiydan 16, Delonnie 14) are amazing dancers who post on social media frequently as well as perform at live events and dance battles regularly all across California. They are also super-supportive of fellow influencers on Instagram so give them a follow!

Here’s 5 fast facts about Dem Bague Boyz! (Thanks to big bro Jaryan for answering our questions)

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They stan Steve Harvey.

The best or most memorable showbiz moment so far would have to be when we were on Lil Big Shots together. The experience was surreal to us and being able to meet all of the talented kids on the show and of course Steve Harvey. We grew up on Steve Harvey so seeing him in person was amazing.

Performing can be hazardous.

One goof or mess-up you would love to have a chance to do over again to fix it would probably have to be when we were performing at an event and 5 seconds into the routine my shoe went flying into the air and I had to finish the first part of the routine without my shoe.

They feed off their crowds’ energy in a big way.

The best part of dancing in front of a crowd is the energy you receive from the crowd because the more energy there is, the more you give off. When the crowd is crazy and cheering, it is the best feeling in the world

They are not just dancers.

Something that people who be surprised to know about us is that we are sports players on the side. Delonnie is a middle school football player. Aiydan and I are varsity basketball players. Aiydan is also a producer. So we do dance more, but on the side we have small hobbies to keep ourselves busy when we don’t have dance.

They each have distinct food tastes.

One thing I refuse to eat is pickles just……. Ew. I’m sorry I can’t do pickles. Aiydan refuses to eat macaroni and cheese, which is one of my favorites foods in the world so I always say he trippin. Delonnie, as any young kid, refuses to eat vegetables.


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