5 Fast Facts about model and singer Mya Xeller

“I have held many National Titles and am the Current Miss Teen World America Connecticut & was 1st Runner Up at Miss Teen World America in Las Vegas this past October. I have modeled NYFW with many designers & recently starred in a music video for upcoming recording artist Peter Cestaro. I have also appeared as a National Cover Model & print model for various magazines. Along with my pageant & modeling career, I am also a singer and dancer and have performed at big venues including Citifield. My face can be seen on social media advertisements for various pageants, makeup artists and photographers. This past February during NYFW I appeared on a billboard in Times Square for fashion line House of Barretti and shoe designer Marc Defang. I also have been filming for a new reality tv show Next Big Thing coming to Amazon!”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Mya!


She’s seen herself on a huge billboard.

I would say my best/ most memorable showbiz moment so far has been seeing myself up on a billboard in Times Square, but the first day of filming for Next Big Thing will always be absolutely unforgettable!

She dances to the beat of her own drum.

I think the biggest negative pressure for teens these days is fitting in and being what our society calls “normal.” I am a very outgoing person who is not afraid to be different than others, I actually LOVE being different from everyone around me! To deal with the pressure of being considered “normal” I set trends, and I inspire others through my content on social media to stand out, and shine in their own shoes.

Once, she almost helped herself get kidnapped.

My most embarrassing moment IRL has to be when my mom was picking me up from school one day and I swore I saw her car so I ran over, opened the door and hopped it…soon to realize that it wasn’t my moms car, or my mom! I quickly apologized, got out and shut the door.. walking away in complete embarrassment.

There might be a novel in her future.

Something people would be surprised to know about me is that I actually love writing and I have been told that I am very good at it! I believe it’s because I have an extremely creative mind so it makes it easier for me to jot words and ideas down!

She likes ice cream.

One amazing food that I must eat at least once a week is for sure ice cream. I am an ice cream lover to the max! Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie does the job perfectly for me!

Selfie time!

Selfie showing how I’m being my silly self and blocking out all the negativity in the world right now!

Find me on Instagram @myaxeller and on TikTok @myaxellerrrr

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