5 Fast facts about singer and actor Peter Cestaro

Peter Cestaro is a multi talented singer, musician and actor from Connecticut who has released independent tracks such as “Cyber Love” and “Cup Full of Jenny“ and who will be appearing on a new show called The Next Big Thing coming to Amazon Direct next month.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Peter!


Urkel gave him a gift.

My best, most memorable showbiz moment so far was performing at “Queens Youth Music Festival” at the Mets Stadium Citi Field. They bumped my performance to last. I was able to close the show and I got a special award and gifts from Jaleel White AKA “Steve Urkel” and the entire festival. I was able to meet so many amazing artists and make so many new friends.  
He survived a singer’s worst nightmare.

I was performing the National Anthem once at a high school game and my voice cracked at the high note,  but I was able to pull it together and complete it.  I felt like it was a disaster but after watching the replay it really wasn’t that bad.

He is not immune to the same pressure you feel.

The biggest negative pressure for teens today  is self doubt. Being a public figure I push through it, to overcome my fears. 

He’s got some surprising things about him.

People would be surprised to know that I can backflip, I am a twin,  I have over 40 animals (because of my twin sister but I do help her with them) 

He’s got a pretty good diet except….

I eat really clean all week long, mostly chicken and rice. I treat myself once a week to insomnia cookies. I always order the ice cream sandwich (it is a warmed chocolate chip cookie with ice cream in the middle).

pete selfie


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