Common Mistakes Teen Drivers Make When Getting Their License

Common Mistakes Teen Drivers Make When Getting Their License

Congratulations! You’re hitting the road on your own, and no one can stop you because you’re licensed. Shout out to you for not being like the SpongeBobs in the world and acing your test. However, with a license comes new responsibilities. Although you’re bound to make a few blunders in life, there are a few you can prevent, including driving mistakes.

Below are common mistakes teen drivers make when getting their license and how you can avoid making those same mistakes.

Not Wearing a Seat Belt

First, there’s nothing “cool” about not wearing a seat belt. Second, not wearing a seat belt is illegal and can be fatal if you get in a car accident. You shouldn’t start the car or begin driving until everyone, including yourself, has their seat belt on. Even if you’re driving a short distance, wearing your seat belt is essential and lifesaving.

Texting and Driving

One of teen drivers’ biggest mistakes when getting their license is texting and driving. So many car manufacturers, lawmakers, parents, and teens have tried to impress upon drivers how dangerous it can be, but this habit persists.

A quick five-second glance at a text message can result in many unfortunate scenarios. You never know what can happen in that short period, so keep your eyes on the road.


No, you don’t have a need for speed, and we suggest that you don’t speed to the red light. Sincerely, every other driver on the road.

All jokes aside, speeding is another common mistake teen drivers make, especially new drivers. This is because it’s difficult to gauge how fast you’re sometimes driving. However, we suggest that you pay attention to the speedometer to prevent getting a speeding ticket or causing an accident.

If you do get into a collision, it’s important to remember the proper procedures if you’re in a car accident after and the consequences you may face, like a hefty ticket, getting designated as a high-risk driver, and possibly getting your license revoked.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can be many things, like eating, texting, talking with friends, watching TikTok—anything that takes your attention away from the road is a distraction. You must always pay attention to the road while you’re behind the wheel.

As stated before, anything can happen while you’re driving. If this means that you need to limit the number of passengers in your car, then do it. Your life is much more valuable than a text message or a bite of your sandwich.

Impulsive Decision Making

As a teenager, it’s normal to make impulsive decisions, but let’s not do that when driving. For example, instead of yielding to a yellow light, you may try to speed through it. Don’t do that anymore. This could result in a fatal accident or injury due to not thinking things through. Make rational decisions to keep your driving privileges.

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