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Essential Skills That Will Help Make You Employable

Money makes the world go around, or so the saying goes. For the vast majority of people, the best way to get the money you need is to get a good job. 

Good jobs don’t just get handed out though. You must make yourself look good to employers so they’re willing to hire you. Part of preparing yourself is gaining the right skills. Do you know what they are?

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Problem-Solving Skills

Anyone can point out problems. Recognizing when something is wrong is easy. Coming up with solutions is harder. It requires more effort to solve a problem, but it makes you look a lot better than simply bringing up all the things that are wrong. 

Employers prefer it when employees bring them a well-thought-out potential solution when discussing a problem. They may not implement your proposed solution, but the fact that you put the effort into fixing the problem rather than leaving it to someone else says good things about you as an employee. Remember, employers want employees who make a positive impact at work.

Resume Writing Skills

You have to convince an employer to hire you before you can start. That begins with the application process, which usually includes putting together a resume. 

Learning how to write a good resume that showcases what you have to offer employers is a valuable skill that makes you stand out. Resume writing skills can help in other ways too. A resume not only helps you land a job, but it can also help you during college admissions.

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills don’t come overnight, but they’re worth the effort to cultivate. Critical thinking skills allow you to observe information and analyze and evaluate it to form a judgment. Training yourself to think critically about the information you’re presented with isn’t easy if you aren’t used to it. You’ll have to practice the principles of critical thinking regularly to make thinking this way habitual. Over time, it should become easier, allowing you to carefully evaluate information and get to the truth of things, something that is invaluable in a workplace setting (and at school).

If you have a specific career in mind that you want to pursue, it’s always worth getting job-specific skills. Widely applicable skills are arguably more important though. No matter what job you get, problem-solving, resume writing, and critical thinking skills will always come in handy. Work on judgment and decision-making skills too. These are some of the most valuable skills you can gain to make yourself more employable.

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