4 Things Colleges Look For in Students & How to Stand Out

It’s common for colleges to receive a lot of applications. This is especially true for top schools in the country and the world. Getting in would require your application to stand out, but not many students know how to do this. To help, in this article we’ll be going over what colleges focus on when reviewing students and how to use that to your advantage.

The first thing you need to get in the top school is of course an essay. And if you aren’t so sure about your skills, use an admission essay writing service; this way, you’ll end up with a perfect essay sample and you’ll understand the requirements much better.

If you’re looking to apply for university in 2022, there are some important things you need to do to have your application impress the admissions committee. In this section of the article, we’ll be going over 4 tips that will help your essay pop.

what colleges look for stand out

1.   Be authentic is your college essay

Most colleges are looking for someone honest, and your college essay is one way to show that aspect of you. Yes, it might seem better to write about some made-up situation. Most admission committees have the experience of going through hundreds, if not thousands of application essays, so any made-up facts and dishonesty will serve you poorly. When drafting your college application essay, you might use writing service reviews to connect you with affordable and reliable writers that can help review your essay. The editing and proofreading you get can be beneficial, as these writers often have the professional and academic experience needed to spot the weak spots in your essay.

2.   Research your chosen major

Before you submit your college application, you might want to take out some time to go over the specifics of your chosen major. For example, you could research the internship opportunities available, the quality of teaching, prospects of the field, and much more. When you send an application that takes note of these facts, it will show the admissions committee that you haven’t just randomly applied to their school, but that you have done the research and you’re passionate about your chosen major.

3.   Apply early

Some colleges admit students on a rolling basis, especially when it comes to graduate programs such as Masters and Ph.D. Therefore, you might want to submit your application early enough to stand out from the crowd. This way, your application is likely to be considered without comparing it to that of most candidates. It also shows a strong passion, as submitting your application early means you must have taken the time out to research the college and the programs they offer ahead of time.

4.   Have a good recommendation letter

Aside from your college essays, recommendation letters are another great way for you to stand out in your college application. Admission committees are looking for students who are hardworking, talented, and have the promise of excelling in their chosen field of study.

Your past teachers are some of the most qualified and respected people you can ask for a recommendation letter. For the best results, it’s best to reach out to your intended referees on time. While getting a letter from your Dean might be a great idea, you also want to focus on someone that knows you well enough and can speak about your character and qualifications. Also, you should be polite, as the teachers don’t get paid to do this. Finally, make sure you provide your referee with all the information they might need to write an excellent recommendation letter.


A college degree can help you get that dream job you’ve wished for, but you would need to get into college in the first place. Therefore, it might be a great idea to focus on colleges with the highest acceptance rates when choosing a college. Also, all necessary documents must be prepared ahead of time. Take note of our advice and you will easily make your college application stand out!

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