5 Birthday Party Ideas That Teenagers Will Enjoy

Teenagers are so hard to please most of the time, and parents sometimes feel that there are from a different planet. You might even get the feeling you speak different languages and don’t understand each other. And when it comes to birthday parties, your ideas will probably be deemed stupid or boring. But we prepared 5 birthday party ideas that teenagers will actually love. 

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Movie marathon & themed night

Figure out what is the favorite Tv series of your teen or a couple of their favorite movies and organize a themed night. You just need to prepare some really tasty snacks, popcorn, and some nice drinks. You can prepare some decorations and even buy thematic clothing for your kid and their guests. You can also take help from rental services which provides different items for birthday decorations on rent. If you’re in Miami looking for it, you can click this URL. For example, since many teens love the magical world of Harry Potter, you can prepare the first movie and make it more exciting by getting some butterbeer (here’s a great recipe), pumpkin juice, chocolate frogs, and maybe even some Polyjuice Potion. Of course, you can let your imagination loose and even have a sorting ceremony or try to recreate Hagrid’s birthday cake for Harry. You can organize something similar with other movies and TV series as well based on the preferences of your birthday boy or girl. 

Organize a beach or a pool party

If your teen’s birthday is over the summer months, you can organize a beach or a pool party for them and their friends. You can prepare some summer snacks, cold drinks, watermelon sticks, and other refreshing treats. Many games can be played around the pool or on the beach and also have some relaxing time. You can get some kites, play frisbee, organize beach volleyball or soccer or even bring back some kids’ memories by organizing a sand castle competition and see who will build the most magnificent one. Once all the guests are tired, they can just calmly chill on their towels or go into the sea or the pool. And believe us, the photos you can take on the beach will be lovely and remain a great memory for your birthday, teen. 

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Organize a board game night

Board games are becoming the favorite activity of many teens and adults as well. There are so many different ones that there is no way you don’t find at least 50 for your child’s birthday party. Depending on your teen and their guests, you can choose some fun and party games or something more strategy and educational games. For example, if your kid loves Scrabble, you can organize a couple of groups playing against each other and come up with a price for the winning team. And even if it might not be entirely fair, you can give them a bit of an advantage on how to create 7-letter words with the Word-finder.com website. There they can come up with words based on their letters and ensure they are the winners. After all, your teen is the birthday boy or girl, and they deserve the win, right?

Karaoke birthday party

You might think that might be a bit embarrassing, but this will be fun for teens! You can organize it indoors or outdoors and just make sure you have the selection of your teen’s favorite songs. To make it even more exciting, you can add a fog machine, some disco lights, confetti, and anything else that can make your party even more magical. You can again prepare some more thematic snacks based on the songs that your birthday teen selected and of course to prepare a lot of drinks because after all the singing all the guests will be really thirsty. It might be fun to make it a competition as well and choose a jury that will vote for each performance. Everyone can take home a little trophy you prepared for them because of their participation.

Costume birthday party

Your teen can choose the carnival theme for their costume birthday party, and you can start the organization. Everything can be coordinated with the theme, from invitations to decor and food. Of course, you will also put a lot of effort into the costume of the birthday star because they need to shine and amaze all the guests. Surely seeing the dressed-up guests showing up will make your child so happy, and therefore all of your efforts will be worth it as well. You can prepare some decorations inside or outside with a food tent, themed ornaments, props, etc. Everything that will fit into the theme and will contribute to the atmosphere will be more than welcome, and you will make it a memorable birthday party.

Wrapping up

Trying those 5 ideas will surely pay off, and you will make your teen happy for their birthday and their guests. Indeed, they will require some work, but surely your teen’s birthday is more than worth it. You will have fun organizing it with the birthday boy or girl, and this will also be a great bonding time. And the party will be so much fun, so definitely try out any ideas we shared with you. 

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