5 Fast Facts about actress Clarissa Camacho

Clarissa Camacho is a teen actress, model, and singer.

When she’s not working, she’s raising awareness on multiple social issues. She’s very passionate about making the world a better place, and helping the people around her.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Clarissa!

clarissa camcho

She really digs showbiz.

Working in the industry in general has been a gift. I absolutely love what I do. Working with actors like myself, and creating content is such a joy. I also absolutely adore making characters, because I get to think outside of the box, and force myself to get as creative as possible. I can’t help but also acknowledge the love and support I receive from my family. They always visit on set, and make personal, amazing memories with me there. I can’t imagine myself ever going into another profession

Her biggest inspiration is America Ferrera.

America Ferrera. I love her as an individual, and equally as an actress. America is fearless and uses her platform for the better good. Since I was a child, I’ve known I wanted to be a performer. I never saw anyone on TV with my dark pigmentation and untamable Latina hair, so I always thought maybe I didn’t belong on tv, or in movies.

Then one day, I passed by her on TV; she was speaking Spanish in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. My 5-year-old self idolized her, I finally had a little more faith in my dreams. The person, the ethnicity, and the community America Fererra represents, is amazing.

She put her bodily fluids on Anne Hathaway once.

The first time I met Anne Hathaway was a HUGE embarrassment, I cried like…. a….lot. Can you blame me? Anne Hathaway is like a goddess. I never get starstruck when I work with celebrities, but I kept hearing I Dreamed a Dream in my head when she talked haha.

Shortly after bawling in her presence, she offered to hug me. I was like gosh darn, I’m getting snot on my idol, on her gorgeous designer dress! However, she assured me that she had the same reaction with Meryl Streep, so she was honored. Anne, if you ever read this…I love you.

She has activism in her blood.

I’m actually a huge activist. My grandfather was a Bracero in the 1940’s “[A Bracero is] a Mexican laborer allowed into the US for a limited time as a seasonal agricultural worker.” – Oxford. Fatherless, my grandfather wanted to provide a better life for his children, “the American Dream” if you will. I’ve always been extremely proud of my roots… I am here, because of my grandfathers hard work, and dedication to a better future. He picked in cotton/fruit/ fields for a long portion of his adolescence. The hot, scorching sun, lack of water, and proper care came with the downfall of constant battles with skin cancer, and overall health. The poor conditions he lived in are recorded at the Smithsonian Museum, where he was also featured in their magazine (about life in the Bracero camps). If you talk to my grandfather about life working the fields, he’ll shed a single tear, but insist he wouldn’t change his life for the world.

Therefore, I have made it a point to fight for others like my grandfather. To speak out for the workers, and immigrants who have no voice. Immigrants believe abuse and racism is the cost of their migration. The racism my grandparents endured, should never be felt by any other human being.

She’s a little scary when talking about Hot Cheetos.

I’m absolutely addicted to Hot Cheetos. It’s not exactly a food, but to my other Cheeto-obsessed friends, y’all know Cheetos can become a meal real quick. My older sister, Victoria introduced me to Hot Cheetos straight out of the womb. When we were kids, we used to eat whole bags daily. Our parents constantly tried to get rid of them, but we always found a way….especially since there was a gas station down the street. After the countless days of stomachaches, and countless gallons of milk I’ve consumed, I’ve definitely lowered my intake of Hot Cheetos. However, I will never stop eating them haha.

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