5 Fast Facts about Singer & Actress Olivia Cella

Olivia Cella is an up and coming singer/songwriter and actress who spends her time between Los Angeles and New York City. This past year, Olivia has had lead roles in two indie feature films: “Hitter Twist” and “The Ruggieros.” Olivia also can be seen in new Grub Hub commercial alongside olympic skater Nathan Chen.

When she is not on set, Olivia is busy crafting her music. Olivia is releasing the first single from her “Barista” EP – “Green” on her 21st Birthday – June 21st. The second single from her “Barista” EP “Feel Me” drops on July 21st and the rest of the songs from “Barista” all drop on August 21st.

Her prior singles, “Caught Up” and “Missing U,” were first place winners at SongWriter Universe for “Song of the Month.” “Us 2,” a pop melody with hints of R&B inspired by Grover Washington’s hit single “Just The Two Of Us” was quickly added to Spotify’s “Release Radar” Playlist. “Missing U” reached #10 on the New Music Weekly Charts and aired on MTV U & MTV Video On Demand. Heather Devine from Soundigest said, “You won’t want to sleep on this girl, she’s quickly gaining traction in the industry and is definitely worth the listen.”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Olivia!

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THIS song on her new EP has the most emotional connection for her:

Barista! That’s why the title of my EP is the title of this song. This song in a way describes the feelings I feel a lot of people go through in their college years. Trying to find someone who’s going to take you seriously, someone who’s intentions are good. The struggle of finding someone who’s gonna “stay until the sunrise” and “make me coffee in the morning”.

She wrote Barista in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee!

Funny enough Barista was written in 10 minutes because my friend Mary was waiting for me to finish so we could go out with our other friends. But what’s so rewarding about this song is that I truly freestyled this in a way. The beat was playing and I had the melody stuck in my head and the beat pad for this track was called Barista. The magic just happened all off the random title of a beat pad and my past experiences with cute coffee shop workers lolz.

The He’s All That premiere was ALL THAT.

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of attending the “He’s All That” premiere in LA where I got to meet the director of this movie whom I adore, Mark Waters. The whole cast and crew was delightful to meet and I think it was the most fun I’ve had at a movie premiere in awhile.

She’s very flexible.

I am a certified yoga teacher and that’s my job right now! I teach yoga to special needs/ handicap students in Los Angeles.

Nutrition is a big deal for her.

Another fun fact, I’m a Food Science major at CSUN right now so for me, I do not eat added sugar or dairy!

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