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before a fall posterPlaylists are so much fun to create. Whether it’s for a special event, for a friend, or simply music to play in the background while I write a screenplay (or a blog post!), I tend to put a lot of thought into the songs I select.

As an actress, I sometimes create playlists for certain projects/characters and listen to certain songs before filming or performing. My current show, BEFORE A FALL, is being called “Justified” meets “To Kill A Mockingbird.” My character’s name is Darla, and her journey is really emotional and intense. Here are the songs I’ve been listening to before rehearsals and performances, with some choice lyrics noted here and there. There are some new songs, some older tunes, a mix of genres – pop/rock, country, even musical theatre – and I hope you like hearing familiar voices as well as new-to-you artists!

Note: I usually put the songs in a particular order, but because this show is presented in a non-linear format, I like to put the playlist on shuffle and see what happens – but I always, ALWAYS start with Stepping Stone by The Good Mad! If you hear me singing between scenes, chances are, that’s what I’m singing.

Here’s a player for you to hear the songs – free streaming music!

The full list of songs:
“Stepping Stone” by The Good Mad
“She Walks Beautiful” by Amy Studt
“She Ran” by Amy Studt
“She Runs Away” by Duncan Sheik
“Kept” by Matt Nathanson
“C.S. Lewis Song” by Brooke Fraser
“Faithful” by Brooke Fraser
“Albertine” by Brooke Fraser
“Be Still” by Kelly Clarkson
“Reach” by Andrew Belle
“Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars
“The Violet Hour” by The Civil Wars
“Lullaby” by Jonatha Brooke
“Forgiven” by Jonatha Brooke (from the album “Careful What You Wish For”)
“Even Angels Fall” by Jessica Riddle
“Gone” by Jessica Riddle
“Mama Who Bore Me” from Spring Awakening
“All My Sins” by Mandalay
“Simple Things” by Mandalay
“Home” by Gabrielle Aplin
“Liar and the Lighter” by Gabrielle Aplin (cover of the song by You Me at Six)
“Falling Asleep (Shine Don’t Shadow)” by The Good Mad
“The Drifter” by David Poe
“Borrowed Heaven” by The Corrs
“Gold from Once” (I especially like the a capella version)

Some significant lyrics:

“Stepping Stone” by The Good Mad
At the bottom of the fall, I wonder
Was it worth giving all I gave?
In the wake of all the worry
Through the pain, I must be learning

“Liar and the Lighter” (cover) by Gabrielle Aplin
Stick around to watch this town fall down onto its knees
You can pray the day that you hope is coming round real soon
I will run and stay away in a place that I don’t know well of
You can chose a different song that you will soon love

“She Ran” by Amy Studt
She’s running to the arms of an angel
She’s running from the only place she’s ever known
She’s running with her heart left behind her

“C.S. Lewis Song” by Brooke Fraser
If I find in myself desires nothing in this world can satisfy,
I can only conclude that I was not made for here…
Speak to me in the light of the dawn
Mercy comes with the morning

If you don’t see the music player embedded in this post, click here to listen to the playlist on Grooveshark.

allie costaAllie Costa is a Los Angeles-based actress working in film, TV, theatre, and voiceover. She can usually be found on a set, in a theatre, or in a secondhand bookstore. She worked with the hosts of Teens Wanna Know on the film Nerd Wars! Her character, Natalie Grace, was named after legendary actresses Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly.

Allie is an active member of readergirlz, a literacy and social media project for teens which was awarded the National Book Award for Innovations in Reading. If you missed this year’s Operation Teen Book Drop and would like to participate in future events, reach out to readergirlz via Twitter – @readergirlz #rockthedrop – or Facebook, or just ask Allie for details!

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