Travis Miller Releases “Livin Good” Music Video

Travis Miller 3

Southern California continues to be arguably the most important breeding ground for independent music careers. The sheer amount of talent here — from singers, songwriters, rappers, and dancers to filmmakers and music producers — makes it hard to keep up with all the releases and pick out favorites.

Up and coming artist Travis Miller’s new video for “Livin Good” definitely makes an impression. The spot covers a day in the life of a poor sap who suffers various indignities as he goes about his business (like having a girl beat on him for no apparent reason, and driving a car with a taped-up Target shopping bag in lieu of a window). All this while he ironically brags about how he is “Livin Good.” Throw in some krump dancing and other street styles, and it makes for an entertaining four minutes and 12 seconds.

Check out the video below, and peep Travis’ social media here:


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