Finding the Perfect Large Cat Litter Box for Your Feline Friend

Finding the perfect litter box for your large cat is important because it will poop and pee somewhere else if your cat isn’t happy. You’re better off keeping your feline friend content to prevent all kinds of messes. Here’s how to find the perfect litter box for your large cat.

The Bigger the Better

There’s no such thing as a litter box that’s too large. But if space is an issue in your home, ensure your litter box is large enough so that your cat isn’t touching the sides inside the box.

Large cats need to move around and find a good position to relieve themselves. If they’re cramped, it will make it difficult to turn, dig, and squat. A large litter box lets them do their business in comfort.

A large litter box will also reduce the chances of your cat having accidents outside the box. If the litter box is too small for your cat, it won’t be able to position itself when peeing or pooping properly. Another reason to choose bigger over slightly smaller is that waste separates better. This makes cleaning the box far easier.

High Sides

When shopping around for a large cat litter box, choose one with high sides. You should choose one that has sides greater than 10 inches. High sides will help contain all your cat’s waste and litter inside the box. This is especially true if your cat does a lot of digging to cover its waste.

Remember, too, that large cats are stronger than smaller cats and will dig more vigorously. If the sides are low, you’ll get a lot of litter scattering over the sides. A litter box with high sides will also prevent pee from shooting over the edge of the box.

Multiple Entry Spots

One of the more luxurious features you can provide is a large litter box with more than one entry spot. If the entry is small, your large cat may find it difficult to move in and out of the litter box comfortably. Multiple entry spots give them more options and flexibility, meaning they can enter and exit through the spot that feels more comfortable.

You’ll also get improved ventilation with multiple entry spots, especially if those entryways are perforated. This increases ventilation in the litter box and creates a more hygienic environment for your feline friend.

As your cat ages, multiple entry points can be beneficial, too. Your cat may end up developing arthritis, and entering through one location may prove challenging. As your cat ages, it may choose the easier entry point. When selecting a litter box with multiple entry points, try to ensure one of those points is a low front entry.

Non-Stick Coating

Try to choose a litter box that has a non-stick coating. While this won’t affect your cat as much, it will certainly affect you! A non-stick coating prevents litter from caking and sticking onto the surface of the litter box.

This makes cleaning the littler box a breeze. You won’t have wet litter or clumps sticking to the surface. And because it’s easier to clean, it will be more hygienic for your cat.

If your cat’s urine and waste stick to the surface of the litter box and get stuck into its crevices, lingering odors may prove difficult to get rid of. With a non-stick coating, however, you won’t face this problem.

A non-stick coating also extends the lifespan of your litter box. The protective layer of the coating prevents stains and prevents waste from getting caught in the crevices. A non-stick coating ensures your litter box stays in good condition for longer.

When you have a non-stick coating, there won’t be any places for bacteria to breed inside the litter box. This not only promotes a cleaner environment, it also promotes a healthier environment for your cat.


There isn’t much maintenance when you have a cat for a pet, as cats clean themselves and relieve themselves in designated areas. However, find the perfect litter box for your large cat to make your job that much easier. The above features can make a big difference!

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