How Underage Drinking Can Hurt You Over the Long Term

With graduation behind, you have a beautiful life ahead of you. There’s a lot of celebration over the summer, though, and you need to be prepared to make sure you, and others, are safe. You might want to party before going your separate ways in the fall. But can underage drinking really hurt you in the long run? 

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Health Effects

One of the biggest issues you have by drinking early is that this gives you a lot longer in life to develop the bad habits that destroy your internal organs, and which can cause addiction. Not everyone who drinks develops an addiction, of course. However, younger drinkers tend to drink more heavily and not regulate their alcohol as well, which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, and other internal damage. This can include brain damage, as alcohol does change brain patterns. If you’re planning on college, this isn’t a good option.

Damage Your Career Prospects

If you drink and drive, this can destroy your entire life, both in the short and long term. Some jobs require licensing that can be revoked in cases of a DUI or similar crime. Beyond hampering your job prospects, however, there are a lot of more dangerous things involved in drinking and driving. If you were to, for instance, have an accident while intoxicated or impaired, it is far more likely that you would hurt or kill another person than injure yourself. Destroying another life will destroy not only other lives but your own.

Broken Brains and Hearts

Drinking changes your brain and impairs your capability to make good decisions. This can include things like choosing to drive while under the influence, of course. But, it also can include risky behaviors. You want to safeguard your future and the way your world will continue onward. You have dreams and plans, and STDs, pregnancy, or other risks can alter those goals. It’s hard to make wise choices for your future when your brain can’t think properly.

Your future is worth any sacrifice you need to make for it, especially if long-term repercussions are involved. Make sure you think ahead and protect your body from the physical dangers of addictions and internal damage. Look towards your future and never drink and drive. Make sure you have a designated driver or cab service waiting for emergencies!

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