Mackenzie Ziegler Ice Princess Lily Red Carpet with Emily Dobson, Symonne Harrison & More

Mackenzie Ziegler was joined by sister Maddie Ziegler (West Side Story), her mom, and some celebrity friends for the red carpet premiere of Ice Princess Lily, starring Kenzie!

Interviews: Mackenzie Ziegler, Couch Sisters: Mackenzie Couch, Kameron Couch, Katie Couch, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, Makenzie Moss, Symonne Harrison, Bryson Robinson, Jennifer Michele, Emily Dobson, Sasha Anne.

In our coverage, we feature some B-rolls of the teen influencers (including some Brat stars) on the red carpet. Kenzie speaks on the challenges of voice acting, why people should watch Viva Films’ “Ice Princess Lily,” and what ONE law she would pass if she were a real princess!

We also ask some trivia Qs–and you’ll love Emily Dobson’s reaction when we ask “Is there Ice on Mars?” lol.

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