W!G captures teen angst with ‘Escape Room’

Pop singer-songwriter W!G has just dropped her new single “Escape Room” and its available to listen below! The track is darker than her first release “Candy Land” and reflects the feelings of isolation when you just dont fit in–something a LOT of us can relate to!

We caught up with the talented artist (real name Katrina Kusa) to get her thoughts on the song–scroll to read!

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Tell us about your new song and what its about?

My new single, Escape Room, consists of a darker presence and draws in serious themes for the listeners compared to my last single, Candy Land. Escape Room is inspired by difficult times I have been through with false friendships and times where I didn’t feel like I belonged. I hope listeners will relate to Escape Room and hopefully realize that they are not the only ones who have been through times where there were obstacles around them. 

Why did you shift to a more somber tone this time? Does it reflect recent events or anything like that? 

As a growing artist, I love to experiment in different genres and art forms. I thought what a perfect way to start the new year was with something new I have never done before. Escape Room reflects on past experiences that I have been through throughout my life and I hope my listeners will relate to the message and lyrics of the song.  

How involved were you with the actual production of the song and how does this differ from Candy Land?

I absolutely had a blast producing this song with such a talented artist and producer, Dylan Bernard. I absolutely loved the amount of freedom and the limitless amount of possibilities for building the overall beat of the song. Like Candy Land, I contributed a lot with the actual production of the song. 

New Year’s Resolution? 

My New Year’s resolution is writing more music and hopefully releasing new music. 

What’s coming up next for you?

 I hope to write more songs and release new singles to all my listeners! 

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