Bruno Mars’ Sisters The Lylas’ “Voices” – Music Video or Underwear Ad?

Tahiti BTS[1]So we are a bit behind the times we guess, and have just discovered that superstar (and teen fave) Bruno Mars has four singing sisters (yes, real-life sisters). They call themselves The Lylas, which is an acronym for “Love You Like a Sister.” They had a TV show and everything.

Anyway, Bruno has written a song for them, called “Voices,” and the ladies have recorded a music video for it that features them artistically cavorting around in underwear. Bench Body brand underwear, to be precise, and this is unmistakable due to the numerous closeups of the brand name in the spot.

JaimeBTS[1] This is a great example of what is known as “branded content,” where a company sponsors the production of a video or other work in some way, in exchange for their logo or product to appear somewhere in the piece. This has been going on forever and is an accepted way for artists to get much needed funding for their projects. Think about the term “soap opera,” which came into existence because soap companies sponsored these shows back in the early days of TV. Same type of thing, although back then they simply said “This show is sponsored by” instead of having the actors use the soap in their scenes.

In truth, its a pretty good deal where mostly everybody wins. In this case, the video is pretty tame by today’s standards and shows some artistic flair, and the advertising is not terribly intrusive.

So we are not knocking anyone here, we just want to point out to you teens that sometimes you might miss an effort to influence you when it is not obvious. You might think you are “thinking for yourself” when in reality you just wanna buy something because you have been repeatedly exposed to advertiser messages without even knowing it!
directors Sam Malko & Riley Reiss[1]

Now that you do know, check out the video below, and if you like the song you can buy it here:

Heck, you can even buy some Bench Body underwear if you like that too!


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