How to Begin Your Nursing Career Right After High School

Some people need time to figure out their career path, but if you’re already set on your own, why not get a head start? With jobs like nursing, there are many steps to take before you take the test and hopefully get your licenses. There are so many ways to jump right in, even while you prepare to finish high school. If you want to start your nursing career as soon as possible, here are three important steps.

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Get a Job as a CNA

You’ll likely need a job out of high school, but even if you have financial help from scholarships or parents, you can get in-person experience in healthcare long before you ever have your own license. A certified nursing assistant or CNA works under supervision of a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse, assisting them in all their duties. Not only will you get paid for this training, you also can get to know people already in healthcare and start building your network immediately. Plus, you can research all you want about a job, but only personal experience will give you an idea if it’s truly the best career path for you.

Get into a Nursing Program

No one can get a nursing license without going through a nursing program, but there are lots of paths you can take. Some decide to get a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, while others go for an Associate’s degree in Nursing instead. There are also one-year programs that help a CNA become a registered nurse. Regardless of which you choose, looking into them now instead of later will help you stay on top of application deadlines and get any prerequisites required out of the way. School will help you learn new skills, including how to deal with legal issues in the nursing field as well as ethical standards.

Get a Nurse Contact

If you can’t become a CNA, or otherwise would like to expand your network early on, there is another step you can take even before high school. Job shadowing or informational interviewing is a great idea for those trying to figure out what career they want, but even if you’re pretty sure nursing is it for you, talking with a few practicing nurses will really help you understand what kind of nurse you want to be. It may even give you insights on the type of hospital or specific department you want to work for.

With the baby boomer generation retiring and in need of healthcare, nurses are needed more than ever. You can make a big difference in this career, and you will as soon as you get started. Take initiative and start planning now!

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