Types of Schools You Shouldn’t Overlook in Your Search

If the end of high school is in your near future, you’ve probably started your search to find the right college or university long ago. While it is great to apply to the huge universities with crowded campuses and student housing, there are also a few other types of schools that you shouldn’t overlook in your search. Here are a few of those schools that can help you to continue your education in unique ways.

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Community College

First of all, while you’re applying to all of the big-name universities in the country, don’t overlook the community colleges that might be closer to home. Community colleges are usually more affordable and can help you to save money as you’re starting your higher education. Often, they offer many two-year programs that will help you to get your associate’s degree and prepare to move on to a four-year university afterward. Having your associate’s degree from a community college can even increase your likelihood of getting accepted at a larger university or being able to transfer into a particular program.

Trade Schools

If you’re tired of taking required classes about subjects that just don’t interest you, going to a trade school might be a better option for you. Trade schools can help you to become licensed in many different valuable skills that can provide you with a great career and future. You can learn to be a dental hygienist, a plumber, an MRI tech, a hairstylist, and much more. For example, you can go to a trade school to become an electrician. A trade school helps you gain necessary electrical knowledge to pass the test for your license. You can then have a great career as an electrician, one that can be quite lucrative as you work at it.

Alternative Colleges

Another great option for you if you aren’t super excited about the traditional school system and education path is going to an alternative college. Alternative colleges often have different grading systems and are more focused on your learning skills than you getting a certain grade. Other alternative colleges let you design and define your own major rather than being limited by the programs already offered. Alternative colleges are much more affordable than regular universities. Some are even tuition-free!

So, if you’re trying to decide what your future after high school will look like, remember that you’re not only limited to a university degree. There are so many other ways to become educated and prepare for a successful and fulfilling career. Make sure to check out some community colleges, trade schools, and alternative colleges near you to find out what will work best for you and your future goals.

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