What matters the Most: Inner Beauty or Outer Beauty?

From a very early age, it has become imprinted into our subconscious that inner beauty is what will make us stand out from the rest. But why is it that only the physically attractive individuals somehow get the most attention? Whether you show off your inner spark or you have an exquisite outer glow, the beauty will always fall into the eyes of the beholder. Or will it? It might be pretty demanding to figure out just what matters most to people- the inner or outer beauty. Even though it might seem hard, it’s not impossible because of both your mental, emotional, and physical state depending solely on your overall beauty.

inner beauty

Outer beauty is short-lived

There is that ongoing notion that inner beauty is something bad-looking people would say to themselves to make them feel better. As truth lies far beyond that belief, we simply cannot rule out the fact that we all possess inner beauty, just some people fail to recognize it in time. Most of us tend to spend hours and hours in beauty parlors getting pampered, and somehow don’t see that what really attracts the opposite sex is the hidden well-being that makes you the person you are. Hence, outer beauty will fade away (slowly but surely), and once your looks disappoint you, you will reckon that you have always been gorgeous from the inside-out.

The need to feel and look good

Appearance and inner peace, at least for ladies, have always gone hand in hand. However, what “feel good” means for some doesn’t necessarily have to apply to others. For instance, to satisfy and show off her beauty and grace a girl might simply wear majestic jewelry pieces like the ones you can find at moonmagic.com and feel ravishing. And on the other hand, other girls simply need a yoga class or a meditative spa day to recharge their stamina. One focuses on outer beauty, the other on inner, both equally vital.

Work on your inner beauty to exude the outer

There isn’t a complete statement that will definitely say outer beauty is totally insignificant when most magazines and internet pages are filled with slim, gorgeous models. So, how can somebody who doesn’t possess greater outer beauty get noticed? Easily, by working and focusing on inner beauty. When people get to know the real you, your inner strengths and capabilities, they won’t care about the outer looks. It has actually been proven that some of the most beautiful people on the globe are in reality utterly unhappy and socially poor people.

Physique vs internal attributes

In the modern-day and age, most things revolve around social media and whose photos will get noticed and “liked” on Instagram. By now you must have heard about filters, cropping, and alteration techniques. So nothing is as it seems, so outer and physical beauty can be wrongly advertised. Even if people will at the first glance notice your external looks, it is the internal attributes that you own that will make them love you. Observe outer attributes as a bonus, and embrace the inner confidence, honesty, self-care, and calmness that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Synchronize your flaws

Real beauty will only get noticed if you learn to love yourself. Let’s be realistic, no-one can change their skin, eyes, nose, or any “motherly” given body part just for the sake of blending in with the society. The only thing you can do is synchronize your flaws and learn how to get the most out of your outer beauty. Just by feeling content, getting rid of negativity, embracing your appearance, and sparkling off your mental state, you will make it impossible for people not to fall in love with you.

Looks can change, but staying beautiful from the inside will make you go distances. Appreciate the true you, and don’t let trivial things stop you from being what you truly desire – a lovable human being.

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