How the Taste of CBD Gummies Affects the User Experience

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As people become more aware of the therapeutic effects of CBD, they are discovering different ways to consume it. Taking CBD sublingually by placing a few drops of oil beneath the tongue and holding it there for a few seconds before swallowing is the most popular delivery method.

However, there are several other ways to consume the cannabinoid, with CBD gummies providing quick, easy, and delicious consumption. You can find CBD gummies online from several reputable retailers, including Premium Jane. 

CBD gummies come in various flavors and do an excellent job of masking hemp’s natural, earthy taste. Although the therapeutic benefits of a health supplement like CBD are far more important than how it tastes, there is a direct link between taste and user experience.

Below, we explore how the taste of CBD gummies affects the user experience.

What Does CBD Extract Taste Like?

Naturally, in its raw, unprocessed form, CBD has a hempy, earthy, and bitter taste. However, various factors affect the taste of CBD. 

For instance, the taste of CBD oils differs depending on the carrier oil used and what additional flavorings and ingredients are added. The terpene content, which differs between hemp strains, also significantly impacts flavor.

Although CBD oils are often available in various delicious flavors, most still have the underlying earthy taste of hemp. It’s difficult to mask the natural hemp taste entirely, especially with CBD oils.

On the other hand, CBD gummies are a lot more flavorsome, and users may only get a subtle hint of hemp in the flavor. Typically, the sugar covers up the earthy taste entirely. 

How the Taste of CBD Gummies Affects the User Experience

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If given a choice, just about everyone would choose a pleasant-tasting wellness supplement over a bad tasting one.

Here is how the taste of CBD gummies can affect your experience. 

More Enjoyable

High-quality CBD gummies are delicious and flavorful, providing a more enjoyable experience than other standard CBD consumption methods.

CBD gummies taste much like regular gummies but deliver the added benefits of cannabidiol. So while it tastes and feels like you’re eating a delicious sweet treat, you’re reaping the therapeutic effects of CBD.

Improves Consistency

Consistency is key when using CBD products. Like other supplements, CBD needs time to build up in your system to deliver optimal effects. As such, CBD should be taken consistently over an extended period.

Since CBD gummies are so tasty, they make taking cannabidiol effortless and even fun. Users are more likely to remember to take their daily dose of CBD when it’s in the form of a delicious gummy.

Terpene Content

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants, including cannabis. These compounds are responsible for such plants’ characteristic scent and affect flavor.

Research suggests that terpenes also have therapeutic effects and, when mixed with CBD, may support stress relief and promote relaxation. Moreover, some terpenes have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Each terpene has a distinctive flavor. Typically, CBD gummies incorporate an array of terpenes with different flavors and effects. Terpinolene has a fruity taste; pinene tastes like pine, myrcene is described as having a herbal taste, and limonene has a citrusy taste. Pinene and myrcene terpenes have a calming effect, while limonene and terpinolene boast energizing properties. 

What Are the Most Popular CBD Gummies Flavors?

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Aside from what we’ve discussed above, the flavor itself can affect your overall experience with CBD. Here are the most popular CBD gummies flavors and what you can expect from the experience.

  • Mixed Fruit: Including a vibrant mix of fruity flavors, mixed fruit CBD gummies are typically mood-enhancing and create a buzzy, energetic, and fun vibe.
  • Strawberry: With a delicious sweet and summery taste, strawberry-flavored CBD gummies should make you feel content, lively, and reinvigorated.
  • Citrusy (lemon, lime, orange): Citrusy-flavored CBD gummies are refreshing and can increase alertness, energy, and a sense of wellbeing. 
  • Mixed Berry: Packed with the flavor of sweet, juicy berries, mixed berry CBD gummies tend to make users feel calm and instill a sense of peace.

Of course, the flavor only plays a small role in the overall user experience. The precise ingredients used in the gummy formula are key to determining its effects. 

Nevertheless, there certainly is a link between flavor and effects that is worth taking note of.

Final Thoughts 

CBD gummies provide a fun and effortless way to reap the benefits of cannabidiol. They’re available in an array of delicious flavors and often taste like regular gummies – you wouldn’t even know it’s a wellness supplement.

Several factors affect the overall user experience of CBD gummies, the flavor being one of them. Many brands, like Premium Jane, craft their CBD gummies using flavors that support the effects. For instance, CBD gummies designed to promote energy tend to come in a mixed fruit flavor, while those designed for stress relief are more likely in a mixed berry flavor. 

When shopping for CBD gummies, be sure to buy those that support your wellness goals and needs. 

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