ZuGoPet Soft Launch Party In Beverly Hills Brings Celebrities and Animal Lovers Together

Earlier this week, Teens Wanna Know’s junior reporter Keira Peña got the chance to mingle with some dedicated animal lovers and a celeb or two at the soft launch for ZuGoPet held at a private mansion in Beverly Hills.

What is ZuGoPet?

It is a dog car seat/pet bed/travel bag combo invented by Juls Bindi. It is designed to keep small dogs from becoming anxious while riding around in your car, which then easily converts into a stylish handbag.


Highlights of the product include:

  • Vegan-friendly material
  • Vented on 3 sides
  • 5 pockets to hold your stuff
  • Airport compliant
  • Available in three colors: Midnight Black, Lipstick Pink and Snow White
  • Matching harnesses and plush blankets are available

ZuGoPet’s slogan is “Buy a bag, save a life” because “any 501(c)(3) that sells a ZuGoPet bag will get 100% of the profits” and they will also give at least $1 from each ZuGoPet product sold through other channels to save the lives of shelter animals.

In order to raise funds for the first shipment, the company launched an Indiegogo.com campaign with lots of perks for contributors. You can check that out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/zugopet-travel-bag-a-revolutionary-dog-car-seat

And now…some highlights from the party!

Juls Bindi hosted the event. Here she is with Keira.


New York Times Bestselling Author Tamar Geller of “The Loved Dog” had some fun with a guest.


Dogs were brought for adoption by NoStrayLeftBehind.com




Music was provided by KCRW’s DJ Valida


As well as by singers Maggie Szabo and Shalini Varghese


And even Oscar-winner Mel Gibson showed up to lend his support!

Keira Pena and Mel Gibson

It wasn’t just human celebrities who showed up. Making special appearances were Jiff the Pom and Beemo!

Beemo and Jiff the Pom

Keira and Beemo

Keira Pena and Jiff the Pom

Victor-H completed a painting while he was here.


And everybody had a great time!


Special thanks to Miss Behave Girls for providing Keira’s dress for the day. They have beautiful dresses specifically made to fit tweens and teens!


Remember: If you are thinking of getting a pet, go to a shelter first. Rescue dogs make GREAT pets (we have one ourselves at TWK headquarters) and these little lives depend on you to save them.




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