5 Fast Facts about recording artist and songwriter Logan Alexandra

Recording artist and songwriter Logan Alexandra is back with her signature soulful-pop fusion sound with her latest release 4 Years. The record captures Logan Alexandra’s feelings as she reflects on her four years in high school.

In her own words, “I wrote ‘4 Years’ after graduating high school, and today (4/20) I graduated college. The lyrics I wrote described some of my favorite memories of high school. I felt like I found myself through those times. Now I look back and feel just the same way I did my senior year of high school.”

The music video for the song (scroll to bottom to view!) features Piper Rockelle and her squad as well as recording artists and viral social media stars SM6. The video aids in bringing feelings of nostalgia to the viewer as it highlights various moments throughout high school.

Here’s 5 fast facts abour Logan!

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She literally went back to school to film her music video.

The music video for “4 Years” was probably the most personal I’ve gotten. I filmed the classroom scenes at my old high school with my high school friends. This was extra meaningful since we were all graduating college that week. It was an emotional time, which made the video feel even more personal. I remember sitting in the classroom we were filming in as a high schooler being scared of what the future will hold. Sitting in the same desk as the “future me” I know that all my dreams are coming true. That moment felt so full circle.

She owns up to making THIS goof:

This week I posted a new mashup on my TikTok. Mashups are my most popular content, so I work very hard to put out my best work. I mashed up 21 songs from 2021 in 1 minute and 30 seconds. I filmed it, typed out the order of each song as I sang them, posted it, and was excited to see what my fans thought. They were very quick to call me out on that I had messed up the title of not one, but TWO songs. I sang “34 + 35” by Ariana Grande but wrote “Positions” and sang “Willow” by Taylor Swift but wrote “Cardigan”. I made some Ariana and Taylor fans pretty mad, and it was too late to go back and edit. So my mistake lives on in that TikTok forever !

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Many teens feel pressure to compare themselves to others on social media, but she has a solution for that from her own experience.

There is so much pressure on teens to look a certain way due to social media. I grew up right before Instagram and social platforms became what they are today, but even at the age of 21 I feel that pressure to look, perform, and act a certain way in order to fit in. I can’t imagine what it is like being a teen with that pressure. This happened to me when I followed a lot of music artists. I found myself feeling down that I wasn’t matching their success or making music like them.

The first thing I did when social media had me feeling down while comparing myself to others was unfollow anyone who made me feel bad about myself. If seeing their posts made me feel unhappy, I promptly unfollowed. This changed a lot for me and I think it can for those struggling with comparison and these same issues.

She won’t be playing in the Women’s NBA any time soon.

People are always surprised when I tell them I’m 5’ tall. They seem to think I’m bigger because my singing voice is powerful, but my voice comes out of a 5 foot petite body!  

There is one song which gets her pumped right now!

My choice is music is always changing, but right now I can’t get enough of Julia Michaels new album! My favorite “get pumped” song off of it is “Pessimist”. 

Selfie time!

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This photo was taken today at the Nashville Zoo where I am on vacation. This cute bird would not leave me alone, but I’m not complaining !




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