Holiday Gift Idea: Cate & Chloe VIP Jewelry Box Subscription

It’s hard to resist the draw of the bling.

Shiny stones and gleaming metal are especially prized during the holiday gift-giving season. And one company is making it easy, to give your jewelry-loving friends and family (or yourself) a monthly fix of some nice pieces at a very affordable price.

Cate & Chloe offer their “VIP Box” which features two pieces of jewelry, including a pre-release piece from their upcoming collections, for a monthly subscription price of $39.99. According to the company, each shipment is worth at least $200 retail.

Here you can see what we got in our sample box. Notice the sweet, sweet gleam off the rock on the necklace!

IMG_1542 IMG_1577

While the jewelry we received was quite beautiful, we take the stated retail prices with a grain of salt. They are based on the prices on Cate & Chloe’s own website, and a quick online search reveals that similar items are priced at around the same level as the discounted price. In other words, Cate & Chloe’s VIP Box offerings appear to be priced at a fair market value, rather than be some huge discount.

Also, if you are looking for solid gold and silver, and real diamonds, look elsewhere, as Cate & Chloe offer mostly silver- and gold-plated items with cubic zirconia or simulated diamonds. Of course, we really cannot expect solid gold and real diamond jewelry anywhere on earth for $20 apiece, can we?

Still, to have two very nice pieces of jewelry delivered to your door for $39.99 per month and free shipping is pretty awesome, and from what we can tell they have an good customer service department should you encounter any issues.

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