What’s Trending in Makeup This Year?

2018 is in full swing, and that means there are so many new looks to try out. Being on trend has never been so fun. This year’s makeup trends feature range from low-key to vivid and eye-catching. Some of these looks are a little out there, but here are some of the current favorites.

Technicolor Eyeshadow

Bright, bold neon shades will turn heads this summer. You can pair two brilliant colors to get the ultimate effect. Don’t go overboard on the mascara, keep it light and let the eyeshadow do the talking. If you choose this look, keep your lipstick nude or very light pink to avoid looking overdone.

Daring Brows

Your brows are meant to be seen, not hidden. Make sure you have full and shaped brows. Threading or waxing brows will provide the cleanest shape if you need to calm your brows down, but if you need to fill them out a little, turn to microblading. Microblading is more natural looking than powder or pencil and it can help you shape your brow perfectly.

Spa Skin

Everyone leaves the spa looking revitalized and refreshed, and that’s what you want your skin to look like all the time. To get the look go for beige, brown, and gold neutral shades. Skin needs to appear dewy, as if you just got out of the shower. A light dusting of highlighter will help you to glow.

Vertical Glitter Eyeliner

Keep your makeup neutral and bring a pop of character with a colorful glitter eyeliner. The new trend has the liner applied vertically up the eyelid and continuing down under the eye. Done right this look is downright enchanting, but it might be better for a party or concert than your high school hallways.

Red Lips

Honestly, classic red lipstick is ageless and never goes out of style. This year, it should be paired with neutral allover makeup with the only pop of color coming from those ruby red lips. Even if you are super casual and dressed down, the red lip will elevate your look.

This year it is all about standing out and doing something different. 2018 makeup trends include innovative eyeliners, bold brows, brilliant eyeshadows, ruby red lips, spa skin, and glitter galore. Try one trend or try them all because the application is half fun right? These new makeup trends are ideal for a night out with the girls, a hot date, wedding reception, or really anywhere you want to ‘wow’ with your mad makeup skills.

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