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5 Fast Facts about singer Brandon Andre

Brandon Andre is an 27-year-old American Pop/R&B artist from Los Angeles, California. He’s performed internationally on a couple of the largest television programs in Latin America, collaborated alongside social media stars such as Cameron Dallas, accumulated over 18 million views on his YouTube channel, and released a his debut  EP, “1992” all while builidng a large social media following.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Brandon!

Central America got a special performance. 

I performed live on national television in Guatemala earlier this year! That was fun!

If he could fix one of his mess-ups it would be: 

There’s none that I would want to fix because they all made me better. 

He knows many teens feel a lot of pressure from:

COMPARISON. Again, I can write an essay on this. All I can say is follow me and I will teach you how to deal with it. 

Ariana, watch out!

I can hit a whistle note.

His favorite food is a fruit.


We asked for a selfie, here it is!

5 Fast Facts about Country Pop Trio Auburn Road

The fun, talented, energetic and fast-rising Sacramento-based country pop trio Auburn Road is made up of the powerful vocals of Kristen Brown, Alicia Paulson and Paxton Martin. In March they released their newest single ‘Warning’ and just debuted their first music video for the single on May 8 (scroll to bottom to watch). Their voices blend beautifully to deliver stunning harmonies on this new song that dives headfirst into the very relatable heartbreak that comes with seeing your ex-love with someone new for the first time. With a girlfriend-tell-all style and fearless female songwriting approach, their contagious personalities and unmatchable harmonies- Auburn Road is poised to take country music by storm.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Auburn Road!

They have gotten on the radar of some pretty big names.

Alicia – Years ago we performed at the ‘Divas Simply Singing’ charity event hosted by Sheryl Lee Ralph. We performed our rendition of “Gospel Medley” by Destiny’s Child. It went over really well, we got a standing ovation, but the best part was that Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child was actually in the audience watching us perform their song! Not many people get an opportunity like that and it’s something we’ll never forget!

Pax – Speaking of charity events, one of my favorite show biz moments was at the Face Forward Gala last year. We had the opportunity to sing at that event with some other amazing acts like Sonna, Major, and CeeLo Green. CeeLo actually invited us on stage to sing  “Forget You” with him. It was a crazy experience because we were not only sharing a stage with an incredible artist but we were singing and dancing to a song that we grew up performing. We would sing the clean version at our local performance class shows at 10/11 years old. It was like life came full circle at that moment, it was very special time.

Kristen almost gave fans a bigger eyeful than she would have liked.

Kristen – The ultimate of all wardrobe malfunctions happened when we opened for Rascal Flatts. Literally in the middle of the first song in our set my halter top BREAKS. It was held together by a chain…that was my first mistake lol. But I ended up catching it in time to cover what needed to be covered and get off the  stage to put on one of our band members leather jackets. All while singing the song, my heart was racing a million miles a minute. But I wouldn’t redo any of it. Even though I didn’t feel it at the time, what a funny story!! It could have been way worse. By the grace of God and fast reflexes, we remained a family show that day haha!

They have certain personal things they would like to improve upon.

Alicia – Recently I’ve been learning about mindfulness and meditation. I’m reading a book that teaches a certain meditation technique called “Vipassana” and I’m excited to continue to work on it. With everything going on right now it’s easy to let your mental health fall on the back burner, so I’m doing my best to use this time to improve on that!

Pax : I won’t lie, I’m a big stress case 90% of the time. I worry about just about everything even if it’s not possible. I used to leave time in my morning routine to allow myself to stress lol. That’s not healthy. This year I want to go with the flow more and worry less about things out of my control. I want to focus on what I can fix in the moment and truly live life because I don’t want to give myself stress wrinkles.

Kristen- I’m notorious for spreading myself too thin. I overdo it and try to fit more things into a day than humanly possible. This year I’ve been really trying to allow more time to center myself and breathe. So far so good. Fingers crossed for the rest of the year.

Each is into some surprising things.

Alicia – I have a very strong passion for fitness, specifically weight lifting. I’ve competed in a powerlifting competition, and over the years I’ve trained in all sorts of different sports including Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. I just love the feeling of getting stronger and healthier, and I truly believe it carries over to the mental and emotional aspects of my life as well.

Pax – I think people would be surprised to know that I’m a BIG horror movie fan. I’m addicted to watching them but I’m also a big scaredy cat. I jump at every scare and I yell at the screen with my whole soul. I’m the person you want to watch those movies with because you’ll just laugh while I die inside. In case you’re curious my favorite scary movies are Saw & The Thing (the one made in the 80s).

Kristen- I am a huge theatre nerd. Have been for as long as I can remember. I would love to one day be in a musical on Broadway whether that be an originated role or a revival of some sort. It would be a dream to one day write a musical like Sara Bareilles did with “Waitress” as well. I’d love to be able to contribute to a community that has captured my heart since a young age.

Each is passionately NOT into a certain food.

Alicia – Nothing. I love everything. Okay.. fine.. celery, I don’t even like calling it a “food”. Give it’s more power than it deserves. LOL

Pax – Shellfish. I don’t know if it’s the texture or because I’m deathly allergic to it lol. Needless to say, I take my epipen with me everywhere.

Kristen- Coconut. Don’t come near me with it. The taste, the texture, not into it. Sorry to any coconut fans out there but hey, more for you right??

L-R: Kristen Brown, Paxton Martin, Alicia Paulson

Follow Auburn Road at:

Facebook: @AuburnRoadMusic

Twitter: @AuburnRoadMusic

Instagram: @AuburnRoadMusic

5 Fast Facts about singer and beauty queen Aneesa Sheikh

After winning the title of Miss Michigan Teen USA 2020, Aneesa Sheikh released her debut single, “Bad Thing” in January of 2020. After two months her music video has reached over 35 thousand views on YouTube, not bad for a newcomer. Currently, Aneesa is writing songs for her upcoming EP.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Aneesa!

Her first formal performance sticks out to her.

Every one of my experiences has been memorable for different reasons. I’d have to say my very first live radio show at “Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour” when I was fourteen would have to be the most memorable [showbiz moment] because it was the first time I sang original songs live and had a formal audience.

She has a good viewpoint on making mistakes.

Haha, I am goofy and I mess-up a lot, but I am human and a teenage girl. So, I wouldn’t want to change that about me. Any mess up or “goof” I’ve made is apart of my path. I don’t regret anything and I wouldn’t go back and do something over again. Everyone needs to make mistakes to grow, otherwise, we would just keep doing the same thing over again and not learn, which is the definition of insanity.

She has her own way to deal with social media pressure.

I definitely feel social media is the biggest negative pressure for teenagers these days. The amount of time we spend on it consumes us. We find ourselves comparing who we are too unrealistic standards made normal on social media that is not a reflection of society. Sometimes I find myself comparing who I am to others on social media and I have had to learn to “flip the switch.”

What I mean by this, is to block out others and tell myself “I am my own person, I have my own goals and I need to not spend valuable time comparing myself to other people and work on achieving my goals and becoming the best version of myself.” Typically when I vocally say this phrase I go on about my day and focus on myself again. I guess my advice would be to stay present and in tune with your thoughts and realize when you stray away from who you are.

There’s more to her than meets the eye.

There are three things I’d say most people are surprised to find out about me.

One: my father is Pakistani and my mother is English/Irish.

Two: I am the captain of my high school varsity Forensics Team and in the extemporaneous speech category state team, which is shocking to most people because there is a common misconception that beauty and brains don’t go together.

Three: I am a three-time state champion and silver medalist in Figure Skating at the senior level and the captain of my high school’s figure skating team.

She’s recently overcome a serious chip addiction.

I have a sweet tooth, but I’d have to say if it isn’t ice cream, I love chips. I use to eat 10 bags of chips a day, thankfully I recently got out of that habit.

5 Fast Facts about singer Presley Tennant

“Hi!! My name is Presley Tennant. I’m a 17-year old singer songwriter from Norco, California. I was a contestant on NBC’s The Voice Season 16. I competed on Team Kelly to Top 24 and was invited back to perform in the finale. I’ve had the honor to share the stage with many incredible artists such as Tim McGraw, Kelly Clarkson, Jake Owens, Chase Rice, Cody Johnson to name a few.”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Presley!

Kelly Clarkson gave her THIS amazing birthday present.

My most memorable showbiz moment is definitely the time I was invited to perform with Kelly Clarkson on my 17th birthday. Kelly has been an idol of mine ever since I can remember and so getting to perform with her was such a surreal moment.

If she had the chance to fix one mess-up, she would:

I don’t know If I would want to fix anything. I feel that my mess-ups have been incredible learning experiences.

She’s working on improving on bad habit she shares with a lot of people.

I was the WORST at responding to text messages and getting back to people. Trust me it’s not a good look!! I have definitely gotten better at responding.

She’s still waiting for that lucky guy.

I’ve never had a boyfriend or even been on a date. Most people are surprised by that since a few of my songs have been about relationships. But truth be told they have been inspired by my friendships and listening to my friends relationships that go through heartbreaks.

One food she REFUSES to eat:

Umm, I can’t think of anything. I eat pretty much everything. [Editor: Hey guys this makes choosing a place for a date REALLY easy : ) ]


Social Links:
Instagram – @presleytennant
Twitter – @presleytennant
Facebook – @PresleyTennantOfficial

5 Fast Facts about singer and model Drake Jazz Brown

“My names Drake Jazz Brown, I’m a singer/songwriter, model, and painter. Go stream my new single In My Sleep on all platforms now!”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Drake!

He witnessed THIS diva acting like, well, a diva!

One of my most memorable moments was probably shooting Vogue Japan with Nicki Minaj, I remember she pulled up to the shoot blasting her own music, and we all had to clear the room for her to enter.

He wishes he had a chance to re-do this moment:

FKA Twigs followed me on instagram and I saw her in person once and didn’t say anything. We all get nerves man.

He’s got one bad habit he is trying to fix.

Finishing songs that I’ve started is something I’m always working on. I have so many good songs that are half-finished. Why you ask? Mixture of laziness and failing to concentrate. 

He can surf.

I’ve been surfing since I was 12 years old.

Pomodoro? More like PomodoNO.

Tomatoes. Don’t get me wrong I love tomato sauce and ketchup, but straight tomatoes is a nOpe.

Instagram @drakejazzbrown 

twitter @drakejazzbrown 


5 Fast Facts about teen interviewers Sydney and Ame

Sister siblings Sydney and Ame have burst on the scene with their daily “Sista Chat” on Instagram. Recent interviews include: Godfrey, Tiffany Haddish, Cocoa Brown, Angela E. Gibbs and Ada Luz Pla with more to be announced. There is also an expanded talk show in the works.

Sydney, at 15 years old, excels at both academics and extracurriculars including acting, singing, basketball and swimming. Besides co-hosting “Sista Chat”, her likes include modeling, Korean Pop (especially BTS), the TV show “Lucifer,” going to Broadway shows, and travelling; she and Ame have been to places like Mauritius, Lake Como, Dubai and Oman!

Ame, in 7th grade, is a sports and music freak. She loves to swim, run track and play basketball (a big fan of Steph Curry) and football (follows the Dallas Cowboys). She models, listens to pop music (especially Bruno Mars) and is a fantastic singer herself. Ame also really enjoys going to Broadway shows, co-hosting “Sista Chat” and accompanying her sister on amazing adventures to far off lands!

Here’s 5 fast facts about Sydney and Ame!

Each has some memorable showbiz moments.

Sydney: My most memorable showbiz moment was when we received an email from one of our awesome followers on Instagram, who thanked us for talking about our struggles in life. This person said that because of one of our posts, he felt like he had permission to feel his own feelings about someone who hurt him.

Ame: My most memorable showbiz moment was when we were interviewed on 90.1 WUSB FM Radio! It was such a fun experience. It was our first time going live on the radio! I have to add one more thing! I just love interviewing all of our guests, too! They are all so kind and informative. 

Interviewing has led to some “oops” moments.

Sydney: Oh my gosh, we always research our guests A LOT before each interview. And when we researched the Grammy Nominated artist, Major, we read an Instagram post of him dancing that said “Rona made me do it.” We thought he meant that his fiancé was named Rona and she made him do that TikTok. Nooooooooo! He was joking and meant that the Corona virus made him do it! I was so embarrassed! But he laughed and it was totally fine!

Ame: Sydney and I were dancing for Affion Crockett during our interview with him and we kept bumping into each other. He laughed and it was fun, but we needed a little more social distancing :).

Each has something to say about teen pressures.

Sydney: The biggest pressure for teens, I think, is living in a world that is dominated by social media, and feeling the need to always be camera ready, perfect, happy, smiling, and just as good, if not better than everyone else. What teens need to do is take time away from social media and read a book or ride their bike or just spend time in personal thought. Everyone is special in their own way and everyone deserves to have a bad day sometimes. Measuring yourself against others isn’t healthy. I only want to be the best me! I always talk to my mother and my grandmother for advice. They always help me!

Ame: The biggest pressure for teens, I think, is trying to keep up with society’s standard of beauty. We are all beautiful and there’s not just one type of beauty. I deal with it by loving myself and being open with my mother about how I feel and always leaning on her for guidance and support.

They have surprising skills.

Sydney: I am learning to speak Korean! It’s such a cool language.

Ame: I play football. I may be petite, but I am really good! It’s so much fun! I started playing when I was in 5th grade.

Carbs? They say “Yes, please!”

Sydney: I love pasta!!! Pasta. Pasta. Pasta!

Ame: I love french fries so much! I could eat them all the time, every day!!




5 Fast Facts about actress Amelie Anstett

Amelie Anstett apears as ‘Sadie’ (TK’s Girlfriend) on the hit teen series “Chicken Girls.” She stars alongside teen sensations Annie LeBlanc, Hayden Summerall, and many other famous talents like TikTok phenomenon Avani Gregg, Indiana Massara, and more. Brat’s “Chicken Girls” Season 6 Premiered on Tuesday, March 10th at 3 pm (Pacific time), and airs weekly at the same time on Brat’s Youtube Channel.

At the young age of 12, Amelie danced for Justin Bieber during his Purpose Tour. She recently was the face for the worldwide campaign for Totto Brand’s Exclusive Sebastian Yatra Line and several more projects in the works.

Amelie is very excited about her fans and the ability to be a good role model for so many young people around the world. “Even at the hardest times find a way to be original, don’t change who you are for anyone, and always believe in yourself,” says Amelie.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Amelie!  

Photo: Mauricio Hoyos

The Biebs made an impact.

I have truly had so many amazing, memorable moments in this industry so far along this journey, its hard to choose just one. But if I had to choose, dancing with Justin Bieber on his Purpose Tour was such a surreal moment that changed my life forever, making me realize what I want to do for the rest of my life.

She kept performing despite THIS happening to her.

Overall in life, I believe everything happens for a reason, even the mess-ups. However, if I had to go back and fix one thing, it would be forgetting my dance solo when I was about ten years old. I was in the middle of performing and suddenly completely blanked out, I kept going and finished, but it wasn’t the right choreography. When I came off stage, I was mortified. It was a learning experience for me to learn that sometimes things like that happen when you are a performer and that it is ok to have those moments. Looking back, we laugh about it now. 

She recognizes the bad and good about social media.

I believe that with all the advances our world has made, many negative pressures can affect us teens these days, especially with the access we all have to things now. Things like social media are wonderful and help to keep people connected and engaged; it’s amazing and opens up so many opportunities. At the same time, however, for some people, social media can have a negative impact, for instance, with bullying online and misrepresentation of who people truly are and look like.

I think it’s important to use social media to help have positive impacts on people and teens. Right now, during this crazy time, it has allowed me to stay in touch, and that’s a great thing!

The way I deal with social media is by posting what I feel represents me and making sure I am being real and who I am with everyone.

She’s a country girl at heart, pig and all.

Most people think I am a city girl, but little do they know I actually live on a nine-acre farm and have a pet pig named pickles.

Her favorite food is pretty healthy.

I am definitely big on food and will eat almost anything, hahaha, but one amazing food that I must eat at least once per week would definitely be grilled chicken. I don’t really know why I love chicken so much but its so good.

Selfie time!

Right now, I am trying to do as much as possible, and I am very big on always trying to be busy! I have been doing workouts, dance videos, taking pictures, and of course, school lol. Trying to keep the positivity strong. 🙂



Snapchat: Amelie.Anstettt



5 Fast Facts about singer and actress Elyse Jewel

Elyse Jewel is an emerging Pop singer-songwriter along with being an actress and performing in musical theater productions. Elyse Jewel has performed as a music artist at numerous venues in the Dallas, Texas area including The House of Blues, Gilley’s Dallas, The Gaylord of Texas and Six Flags Over Texas. She recently, performed in the Kristin Chenoweth Tour.

Elyse had her first single, “Thinking About You,” selected as a Grand Prize Winner in the 2nd Session 2019 John Lennon Songwriter International Competition in the POP category and it is currently in the running for Song of the Year.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Elyse!

Kristin Chenoweth provided a very special moment.

I had the opportunity to perform onstage with and open for Kristin Chenoweth. A few other kids and I had rehearsal every week and we worked with a director, choreographer, and vocal instructor to put together a few musical theater numbers. We had costumes made and were able to do a Q&A with Kristin which was amazing. I learned so much about the industry and her journey throughout the entertainment world. She is such a sweet and caring person. I remember complimenting her dress and her telling me how she felt as though she ate too much the night before and we both just started laughing. During Kristin’s closing number, she invited us up to sing with her onstage and all of us, including Kristin, started crying during the song. It was such a powerful moment because you could just feel the love for each other and the arts throughout the auditorium.

A boo-boo happened while performing.

I stumbled and almost  fell onstage during a huge performance. I was wearing these new heels that I had gotten, but I wasn’t very used to walking in them. I was moving a little with the music and then I tripped and almost fell. If I hadn’t been holding onto the microphone stand I would have completely fallen. It definitely wasn’t a very graceful stumble, but I did manage to get back up. If given the chance, however, I would love to redo that.

She has this to say about issues today’s teenagers face:

I think it can be the pressure of society and other teens. Everybody is so interested in drama and labels and I think it can be a very hard thing to deal with. If somebody makes one mistake, their peers may make them live with that mistake for the rest of their high school career. It can ruin their reputation and teen years. I think we all just need to be more accepting of one another and spread love and acceptance.

It’s not really something you can avoid, I just try to stay polite and ignore it. There have been people who have treated me very poorly and talked “trash” about me. I just ignore it and stay kind to everyone. I think the main way to deal with it is to know your worth and know that if you don’t stoop to their level then that proves a lot about you versus them.

She can communicate without speaking.

I’m currently learning ASL. I take the class in school, but I plan on becoming fluent. I love it!!

My friend and I used to sign to each other across the class, and it was really funny when the teacher would catch us. She wouldn’t get mad and she even asked us to teach her some.

She likes to snack on _______

I have a huge sweet tooth, so definitely either Doritos or some kind of chocolate.

Tik Tok  @Elyse.Jewel

5 Fast Facts about actress Mallian Butler

Mallian Butler is a 13 years old actress originally from Dallas, TX. One of her latest projects (on Netflix) is a feature film titled “Her Only Choice.” Another film called “Anonymous Killers” is due to be released very soon. According to Mallian, she is most proud of her and her mom’s production called “Legitimately Mallie!” which was created, written, and co-directed by her mom, Mahalia Jackson- Butler.

She has also been working on a new limited animated series titled “Morah’s Misguided Adventures.”

Heres 5 fast facts about Mallian!

She just booked something awesome!

I’d have to say it’s the project I just booked. I screamed when I realized I was the choice for the production. It’s not public info yet, but I can hardly say to share the news.

She did a very cute (but unprofessional) thing at an audition.

I’ll never forget the time I went to an audition fully dressed as as the mythical character that I’d been called in to audition for. Totally hilarious. I was 10 years old  and new to the industry. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know. Now when I think of that day it cracks me up. Needless to say, I didn’t get the role, but I did learn a valuable lesson. Lol. 

She stands her ground on her morals.

When peers guilt you in to thinking you’re lame if you don’t do the things they think are cool. I have learned to stand my ground and not waiver on what I believe in. There are just some things I’m not willing to do just for the sake of fitting in. That’s not me and it never will be. 

She shares a common fear with many people.

I’m still afraid of the dark. It’s funny saying that out loud, but it’s totally true. I keep thinking I’m should be over it by now, but I’m not. I’m laughing as I share this, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. Lol.

One food she MUST eat at least once per week is:

Hands down… SPAGHETTI. My mom makes the best spaghetti ever. 

Me showing my laptop screen with my latest work displayed. Morah’s Misguided Adventures. 

YouTube Channel For My Pilot Show/Web Series Legitimately Mallie! This is a show that was Created, Written, and Directed by my mom, Mahalia Jackson-Burler and myself. I star in the show as Mallie. It is currently being pitched.
Link to my personal YouTube channel:Mallian Butler:
IG:Mallian Butler
IMDb:IMDb Vanity URL (

5 Fast Facts about TikToker Lily Latzo

Lily Latzo is a  seventeen year old social media creator from Florida. With over 130 thousand followers on the popular social media platforms Tiktok and Instagram, she has been entertaining thousands of people with her comedy skits, lip synching videos, and eye popping Instagram photos.

Using TikTok as her main platform, she uses the app to post comedic and viral content that have amassed to over 110 thousand followers and 3.8 MILLION likes altogether. Along with Tiktok, she has a fanbase of well over 15 thousand followers on Instagram. For the future, she plans to use social media to help grow her career as a creator and grow her Youtube Channel.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Lily!

One simple vid led to a huge following.

The most memorable moment for me as a Tiktoker was when my first video blew up. I made a simple video and posted it later at night, and when I went to bed it only had 3,000 views. When I woke up the next morning it had 1.2 million views. Today it has almost 20 million views. That’s when I stated building the amazing fanbase I have now.

She caused a ruckus in Target.

One day I was pushing Jane in a shopping cart at Target. She decided to get out of the cart when nobody was holding it, and slipped out. When she slipped, the cart slid into a big stand and knocked everything over. We didn’t know what to do, so we ran to the other side of the store. 

She’s got a healthy way to deal with bad influences.

I feel like teens today really struggle with caring about what other people think, and let those people influence how they dress, act, and what they enjoy doing. I avoid that behavior by cutting off people who are controlling, manipulative, and take advantage of people. Once you cut those people off, life gets much easier. I’ve learned from personal experience.

She stans 0s and 1s.

One thing people would be surprised to know about me is that I am a computer nerd. I enjoy things like editing, coding, and gaming. That’s where I spend a lot of my free time with when I’m not doing social media.

There is something she just doesn’t like to eat.

One food I refuse to eat is cottage cheese.